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Digital Manufacturing

In 2016 Politronica launched Qubit3D, a project dedicated to the development and use of additive technologies, in synergy with Fly-Image Technologies, a Swiss company operating for over 10 years in mechatronics.

Qubit3D project's goal is to build the first cloud factory dedicated to digital manufacturing specialized in the production of plastic components for electronics in Northern Italy. Born in the Industry 4.0 scenario the project follows a strategic model aimed to minimize marginal costs.

This business model is founded on the partnership agreement with locally selected Digital Printing Centers and based on the sharing of FDM Technology (our release) and its know-how (training, technical assistance, design and business) in return of productive force.

Qubit3D production plant currently has a full capacity of 1000 hours of print per day, 50 3D printers located in 30 Partner Printing Centers working in network and coordinated by Turin Service Center.

Qubit3D aim is to complete the plant in Northern Italy in 2020: 90 Centers, 300 printers, 270 qualified operators and replicate the model in Portugal (Start-up in June 2017), Hungary, Baltic Countries, Ireland, Iceland, Malta.

Politronica - nano-inks for digital inkjet printing
Politronica - nano-inks for digital inkjet printing