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Led Project

Sorgente LED ad alta efficienza per sistemi di illuminazione urbani (Source-efficient LED for urban lighting systems)

Project Name
Development of advanced ink formulations based on specific nanoparticles to be used in inkjet equipments

Project Acronym

Partner name
Lurederra Technological Centre - Spain

Betadiseño Cerámicas s.l - Spain

Politronica Inkjet Printing s.r.l. - Italy

Start date
September 1st 2011

End date
December 31st 2013 Closed

Project overview

The application of LED lighting has already obvious advantages in terms of energy efficiency, fuel consumption and endurance over traditional light systems with incandescent or halogen lamps. The use of LED lighting is spreading in automotive field and, more recently, in road lighting and inside industrial/residential buildings. The project focuses on a radical improvement of the construction characteristics of LED lighting systems for road lighting or within urban buildings. The lower energy consumption and the supply using next-generation photovoltaic panels will reduce pollution from power plants, especially near urban centers.

Innovations that will be introduced to increase the energy efficiency involve materials, the microstructure of optics, the molding of the body and the electronic driver. These results can be achieved through a massive application of innovative technologies, especially micro and nano technologies, such as laser micro-structuring of the optics, the use of composite materials containing carbon nanotubes (CNTs), the direct molding of the printed circuit even on curved surfaces by means of inkjet printing, the use of innovative photovoltaic panels. The increased efficiency will provide benefits in terms of costs, uniformity of light, heat dissipation, weight, component integration, reliability, durability. Afterwards, these innovations will have repercussions in other industries such as automotive lighting, control electronics, optics, heat exchangers, power devices. The project will involve the assembly of prototypes through the integration of high level academic and industrial partners and the expected industrial/commercial implementation.

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