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Made in Italy Project

Progetto di innovazione industriale "Made in Italy"

Project Name
Design and development of an optical sensors family for quality/safety standards monitoring in drinking water

Project Acronym
Made in Italy

Partner name
Informatica System - Italy

Microla Optoelectronics s.r.l. - Italy

Polytechnic of Turin (DISAT) - Italy

Politronica Inkjet Printing s.r.l. - Italy

Chemiricerche s.r.l. - Italy

Start date
February 3rd 2014

End date
February 3rd 2016 Closed

Project overview

The domestic and industrial water field is more and more controlled by authorities both for human health and environment safety. Industries would have to rationalize and increase their production processes for giving better and cheaper products. Many controls are performed by authorities but there are subjects such as end-users that are not controlled (tap water in the houses) and subjects that are not encouraged to perform controls (for excessive costs). Potable water monitoring, nowadays, is carried out along the distribution net, but not inside houses (save for a specific request by users in case of a problem that is usually already a big problem). The waste water monitoring by an industry that introduces dangerous substances into its production processes and controls of water that enters the production processes (to monitor the absence of pollutants that can damage product quality) are opportunities that let the industry gain competitiveness. Taking into account all these issues, our project is devoted to the realization of a sensor family to monitor some substances, in water, that can be dangerous for human health and environment. Sensors will be characterized by an architecture, that can be easily integrated into analysis fields and they will have a sensitive element specific for each substance. Sensitive element realization will be able to follow different methods (BIO, C4D, SPR, ecc.) according to the substance that will be monitored, the application and the necessary sensitivity. Whatever method will be used, sensors will have to match some common features: compactness, the best cost/performance ratio and the best integration and interfacing characteristics. In the case of industrial effluents monitoring, sensors will be equipped with a data transmission module, so that the measure can be collected, manipulated and stored. An important role in the project will be played by end-users that will give the test environments and, thanks to their knowledge, advice about sensor packaging realization and sensor requirements.

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